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Loving Couple


Create new levels of intimacy.

Ready to be intentional with your heart

and how your relationship evolves?

Whether you're already in a relationship that you're ready to take to a new level, or you're looking for "the one"- this workshop has something to offer anyone and everyone in their relationship.

Join Systemic Psychology and BioType expert Rodrigo Garcia Platas

in this exclusive LIVE virtual event! 

Date: Tuesday, March 28th
on Zoom


Heal the part of your heart that keeps leading you to the same heartbreak.

Break toxic patterns and evolve your relationship. 

Identify the patterns that keep you stuck.

In this workshop, you will heal your heart.

No surgical instruments required.

1. Understand your traumatic compatibility.

  • Get clear on the pattern(s) that attract you to a partner... and always will be.  Don't panic! Having a toxic pattern does NOT mean that you'll never have a healthy relationship. It means you're stuck in a cycle that once you're aware of, you can CHOOSE differently. 

2. Reveal what has been emotionally broken in your heart- the painful wound

    that keeps opening back up every time you try to move forward.

  • Distinguish the pain that comes from the relationship and what has always been there for you that hasn't been healed. You've carried it long enough.

3. Heal your heart so that you don't fall into the same pattern again.

  • Gain a level of awareness so you can clearly recognize when you're attracted to someone because of your traumatic compatibility.

Learn to recognize the red flags associated with your toxic pattern,

and break the cycle once and for all.

You'll get to work directly with Rodrigo to uncover the conscious and unconscious elements of your relationship through the lens of systemic psychology and behavioral patterns.


"This was the most direct way to get to the bottom of our relationship issues.

It has brought us closer and has taken our relationship to a new level it has never been to before."

"The way in which we put together all of the puzzle pieces related to our ego, traumatic compatibility and BioType came together perfectly to give us the most complete and clear picture of our relationship, why we were attracted to each other and why we act certain ways around each other. Then we learned what seemed like the most effective tool for mitigating the effects of our ego and traumatic compatibility as much as is possible."

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