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Loving Couple



Join Systemic Psychology and BioType expert Rodrigo Garcia Platas

in this exclusive coaching series for couples!

In this series of 3 private couples coaching sessions, you and your partner will embark on an exploration of your relationship from beginning to present. Discover what brought you together, what keeps you together, and how to create your relationship from a space of health moving forward.

You'll get to work directly with Rodrigo to uncover the conscious and unconscious elements of your relationship through the lens of systemic psychology and behavioral patterns.

Interested in doing the Couples Bundle in Spanish?


Price: $3500 per Couple

$6000 Value!

Please email your proof of payment to to finalize your registration.


"This was the most direct way to get to the bottom of our relationship issues.

It has brought us closer and has taken our relationship to a new level it has never been to before."

"The way in which we put together all of the puzzle pieces related to our ego, traumatic compatibility and biotype came together perfectly to give us the most complete and clear picture of our relationship, why we were attracted to each other and why we act certain ways around each other. Then we learned what seemed like the most effective tool for mitigating the effects of our ego and traumatic compatibility as much as is possible."

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