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What is your Biology and what is your Personality?

In this six week journey, Rodrigo will guide you to answering that exact question.

Discover the roots of your behaviors and free yourself from the invisible strings that may be influencing your every decision whether you know it or not.

Use the lens of Unani BioTypes and Systemic Psychology to examine how you created your beliefs and personality.  Explore how your BioType and personality influence your everyday life and begin the journey of balancing your BioType through this transformational course.


TOPIC 1 - Events are neutral.

TOPIC 2 - Discover where you are now.

TOPIC 3 - Chart your growth.

TOPIC 4 - Others don’t see the world the same as you.

TOPIC 5 - Restructuring the system.

TOPIC 6 - Growth and Freedom.


You will confirm your BioType and Personality before endeavoring on a journey to balance your BioType through accessing the qualities of your opposing BioType and Personality.

It's a journey of understanding what drives you, what holds you back, and how to move forward as the most powerful version of yourself. 

We're excited to announce that Balancing Your BioType will be available as a

self-guided course in 2023!  Follow written guides and video recordings to do deeper introspection with instructions/suggestions on how to create support with people in your life as you go on this journey.

Upcoming Dates:


You must be a graduate of the Intro to BioTypes or BioType Basics to participate.

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All workshop purchases are subject to RGP Tuition Policies.

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